Diane Stelfox Cook Online Writing Classes & Workshops

Self-Published Author Diane Stelfox Cook is currently offering creative and formal writing classes and workshops to aspiring writers of all ability levels.

Diane Stelfox Cook is a published author who is best known for her debut memoir, So Many Angels.  Although she has no future plans for publishing, Stelfox Cook is now regarded as an expert on the process of writing and self-publishing a written work.  Along with her natural ability to provide direction and instruction, the writer has a knack for advising others on how to write.  She aspires to provide tutoring services to writers and readers of all ability levels in the future.  For now, Stelfox Cook is happy to barter her expertise in the form of Online Writing Classes and Workshops here on the Bartering Exchange Network.  She is currently available for a Creative Writing Workshop and a Formal Writing Class.

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