Erika Radu Volunteer Management

Longtime volunteer and community work supporter Erika Radu joins the Bartering Exchange Network to offer Volunteer Management services to first-time nonprofit organizations and event hosts. 

Are you preparing to plan a fundraising event for a nonprofit organization or community cause?  Maybe you’ve never planned such an event before and aren’t sure of where to start.  That’s okay because Erika Radu, a seasoned volunteer and management professional is here to help!  Free-of-charge as a barter here on the Bartering Exchange Network, Radu is willing to provide a first-time nonprofit organization or charity event host in the process of organizing the volunteer roster for your event.  For nonprofits and charities, volunteers are the backbone of all work the organization is able to accomplish in the community.  Without them, nothing would be possible.  But where do you find people to join in on your cause?  And how do you ensure that their time is properly managed throughout the project?  With her Volunteer Management barter, Radu is ready to help you answer all of those questions with proactive confidence!

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