Amy Elliot-Meisel Animal Care & Pet Sitting

Animal Lover and Animal Rescue Advocate Amy Elliot-Meisel is currently offering pet sitting for cats and dogs. Amy regularly provides foster homes for dogs and cats at her local animal shelters. 

Amy Elliot-Meisel is a proud pet lover.  She’ll be the first to tell you that she loves all animals.  But if you ask anyone who knows her, they’ll tell you just the same.  She is proud to say that as much as she loves animals, they love her too!  She has never met a pet who wouldn’t warm up to her.  She believes that animals can naturally sense that she is safe, caring and loving.  Amy currently volunteers at her own local animal shelter and fosters both cats and dogs in need of temporary homes.  She joins the Bartering Exchange Network in hopes of being able to provide more families with her pet sitting services.

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