Career Mentoring Services by Tyler Buntrock

Are you ready to take your career to the next level but need help finding your footing? Tyler Buntrock, a full-time Professional Recruiter, is offering Career Mentoring services as a barter!

Are you trapped in a dead end job?  Have you lost the spark or passion you once had for the work you do day in and day out?  Or maybe you’re just looking for a change — one that will turn your work into a career, rather than just a job?

Deciding that you want more for yourself is a major step in advancing your career.  Acknowledging that a change needs to be made is an accomplishment all its own!  But before you get swept up in daydreaming, Tyler Buntrock encourages you to build a blueprint for how you’re going to achieve your career goals. 

Certainly a task that’s easier said than done, finding out where you want to go with your career half of the battle… Luckily, Tyler Buntrock is a seasoned expert in career changes!  For more than four years, he has assisted people just like you in the process of finding their dream jobs.  So, whether you’re searching for the career move of a lifetime — or just interested in gaining experience through a change of pace — consider bartering with Tyler Buntrock for his Career Mentoring services!

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