Jody Royer Book Review Writing Workshop

Writer and book reviewer, Jody Royer joins BEN to barter a ‘Book Review Writing Workshop’ to help assist aspiring writers through the process of editing or creating a book of their own.

Are you a writer who has yet to publish any work?  It’s never too late (or too early) to submit something for publication!  So what are you waiting for?  Perhaps you are waiting for your manuscript to feel ‘perfect’ before sending your final draft to the desk of a literary magazine editor or book publisher.  Somewhat of a perfectionist himself, Jody Royer understands the need to re-read that draft again and again and.. again.  In fact, he even encourages you to do just that!  But the trouble is, it’s easy to overlook errors or areas of your writing that don’t ‘read’ properly when you are the one who wrote the piece.  That’s why having an extra set of eyes to go over your work is so incredibly important and valuable.  Luckily, Royer has joined the Bartering Exchange Network to provide just that very service: proofreading!

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