Health & Nutrition Consulting by Sean O’Grady MD

Looking to be proactive about your health and nutrition? Consultant, Sean O’Grady, MD, is happy to offer you health and nutrition tips that can change your life!

Fitness training and exercise are important for any well-rounded healthy lifestyle.  But before you head out for a jog or hit the gym, Sean O’Grady, MD believes that you should start at home — in the kitchen.  Working out is great!  But a true healthy lifestyle requires a balance of working out and eating right.  Adopting a diet that focuses on nutrition can work wonders for anyone – whether you’re looking to improve a health problem (i.e. high cholesterol), lose weight or to simply be healthy!  

Here on the Bartering Exchange Network, Sean O’Grady, MD is available on a consulting basis to help you improve your health through nutrition.  His aim is to custom-tailor a dietary plan that works best for you. The process will begin with a light consultation.  At this point, O’Grady will take into account your unique health and fitness circumstances to develop a profile unique to you.  He will also ask you what your goals are.  From there, the Family Medicine Specialist will determine which route will be the most effective fit for you.

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