Andrew Rooke Business Development Consulting

Strategic Leader Andrew Rooke is available for business development consulting. Backed by expertise acquired across a 44+ year career in business, Rooke is an expert in strategy development and implementation.

Product Description

Business Development Consultation

For this barter, Andrew Rooke will provide your startup or recently established business with a generalized review.  By analyzing the venture’s recent activity, sales and a variety of other operations, Rooke will identify and assess the outfit’s current strengths and weaknesses.  This barter is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in having their recently launched startup reviewed, on a basic level.  Identifying a startup’s strengths and weaknesses early on can be pivotal in the long term success of the venture.  For a more detailed dive into your startup, consider connecting with Rooke directly.  On a freelance basis, the business development consultant and performance improvement expert can provide you with critical guidance on how to structure a plan for a project, organize responsibilities across a group, assemble a team and more!  

Performance Improvement  

Professional development is a career-long process, in Andrew Rooke’s own experience.  There is always room for improvement, no matter how experienced you are.  From entry level entrepreneurs to established executive leaders, any professional can benefit from Rooke’s Performance Improvement barter.  If you are looking for a way to improve your professional development on the individual level, then this barter is ideal for you!  The Performance Improvement package is available to professionals across all industries, ability levels and backgrounds.  For this barter, Rooke will offer guidance on one key area of performance.  Ideally, a barterer will come prepared with a focus area in mind, including leadership strategy/style, team organization, workplace wellness program development, etc.