Bronson McClelland Athletic Training

College Athlete Bronson McClelland is offering Athletic Training services to athletes across all sports. Although he specializes in football, this opportunity is available to all athletes of all ability levels through the Bartering Exchange Network.

Product Description

Mental Sports Training

As an athlete, Bronson McClelland embraces the notion that all sports maintain mental components.  No sport is solely a physical experience.  With that in mind, McClelland has dedicated a lot of his time to improving his mental toughness and mental strength.  In his experience, the mind needs to be trained just as much as the rest of the body in order to achieve peak performance out on the field.  For the barter, the athlete will assist a fellow Bartering Exchange Network member in the process of learning how to improve their motivation and mental toughness.  This will involve McClelland having a one-on-one conversation with you.  He will then recommend different concepts, ideologies and motivational frameworks that he believes will help motivate you.  He is a particularly firm believer in the Human Motivation Theory, developed by Abraham Maslow and developed further by David McClelland.

Physical Athletic Training

For this barter, Bronson McClelland will offer you 30 minutes of physical athletic training.  This barter will come into two options: football-focused and sport nonspecific.  In both options, you will follow along as McClelland walks you through healthy stretches to warm up your body.  He will then provide you with a short 15 minute routine that you will be able to repeat along on your own time.  Depending on which sport(s) you play, McClelland will develop a workout geared directly towards your sport of choice.  This may or may not involve specific plays, but it will absolutely incorporate exercises that focus on specific muscles that are relevant to your sport.