Business Management Consulting by Lucas Jubb

Are you an entrepreneur at a standstill?  Maybe you have an idea, but aren’t positive on how to structure that perfect pitch.  Or perhaps you’re an executive caught up in confusing circumstances. Is your business not at the level you want it to be?

Lucas Jubb knows that you can succeed.  And he’s got the toolkit you need to up your company’s game (even if that company is still just a concept).

Lucas Jubb is looking to barter his Business Management Consulting skills with members of the Bartering Exchange Network.  He is offering his services in the form of two packages for The Entrepreneur and for The Executive.

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Product Description

Business Management Consulting for Entrepreneurs

This barter is ideal for the novice entrepreneur.  If you’re frantically trying to find your footing in your projected industry, Lucas Jubb can help you to steady your ideas.  Structuring a plan for success can be challenging… especially when you’re a one man (or woman) team. In this barter, partner up with Lucas Jubb, a professional with an eclectic mix of business experiences.  Whether you need a sounding board and reassurance or advice on where to set your sights, he can help. In particular, Lucas Jubb enjoys helping entrepreneurs develop plans for a pitch that will reel in the support needed for an idea to succeed into a business.  He will help you plan a pitch and even assist you in seeking out potential investors.

Business Management Consulting for Executives

An expert in Psychology, Lucas Jubb excels at problem solving.  He calls on the knowledge of two degrees in the study when evaluating problems and developing solutions.  If there’s something keeping your profits from piling up, he will get to the bottom of the issue. With his help, you and your team will repair the foundation of your business.  Lucas Jubb is an expert in implementing strategies that benefit all areas of business management, including:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Leadership

Drawing on his varying experiences, he assists clients in multiple areas of their businesses.  Allow Lucas Jubb to boost your business to where it needs to be by helping your company improve from the inside out.  In Jubb’s view, investing in your employees can go a long way in benefiting the business overall, for the long term.


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