Children’s Book Writing Classes & Workshops by Sherin Thawer

Develop your writing skills with children’s book author, Sherin Thawer’s Children’s Book Writing Classes & Workshops!

Sherin Thawer is a soon-to-be published Christian children’s book author.  But Thawer has always been a writer and an avid reader. Her years of writing and reading have helped her to fine tune her ability as a writer.  Thawer’s genre sights are set on children’s literature. Specifically, she’s taking notes from the pages of the Holy Bible to create colorful stories that capture the attention of young children.  But her talent in turning adult discussion into children’s books stretches far beyond the spiritual and religious realms. According to this children’s book author, just about any story can be reworked to relate to young children.  Whether you’re interested in writing a Science Fiction, Mystery, Comedy or some other genre — your first children’s book is just around the corner to completion! 

Sherin Thawer is happy to barter free children’s book writing classes and workshops right here on the Bartering Exchange Network.  The classes and workshops are available to writers of all ability levels. Each class features a specific part of the process of crafting and publishing a children’s book.

Product Description

How to Write a Children’s Book

In this workshop, Sherin Thawer will help you decide how to tell your story.  You may be interested in turning an already existing story into a children’s book.  Thawer will go over how and if you should attempt this reconstruction. She will also assist you in the drafting process by reading your children’s book draft and suggesting edits.

How to Create Pictures for a Children’s Book

Depending on the age group your children’s book will target, you may or may not choose to include pictures in the book.  Sherin Thawer will help you decide if you should take photos with a camera or draw illustrations to act as the visual component.  However, not every gifted writer is talented in the visual arts. If you have ideas for visuals, but aren’t sure how to create these, Thawer will assist you in that part of the process as well.  She will go over how you can locate and connect with an illustrator to commission work for your children’s book.

How to Publish a Children’s Book

Maybe you already have a draft completed for your children’s book.  Maybe you’ve also compiled visuals for the book already as well. But now you’re stuck on the next step:  the publishing process. Luckily, Sherin Thawer has already been through this part of the journey! For this writing class, the children’s book author will go over your options, from self-publishing to seeking out a book deal with an established publishing house.


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