Communications Consulting by Randy King Northville NY

Do you have a lot to say but aren’t sure how to go about sharing your message? A podcast or blog could be the idea-sharing platform for you. And Randy King Northville, NY podcaster and blogger can help you get up and running!

Product Description

Podcast Setup Assistance

Launching a podcast is not as simple as it might sound.  There’s a lot more to it than just recording the audio for your story.  In fact, that can actually be one of the most complicated parts of the creation process.  Over the years, Randy King has fine-tuned his technique as a podcaster.  Along the way, he’s learned a thing or two about the many different softwares and hardwares available to podcasters, from the entry-level platforms to more professional suites.

With his Podcast Setup Assistance barter, Randy King will be happy to help Bartering Exchange Network members get up-and-running with their podcasts!  This consultation will include determining which software and hardware package suits your needs and your budget.  Audio quality is critical for every podcast.  No matter how interesting your presentation may be, the quality of your audio will always come first.  But not everyone has the financial means to build a top of the line studio for their first podcast episode.  And that’s okay!  Randy will work with you to figure out the highest quality tools available within your budget.

Podcast or Blog Review

This barter is ideal for Bartering Exchange Network members who’ve already launched a podcast or blog.

Is your podcast or blog not garnering enough views or listens?  Are your stories not reaching your intended audience or performing as well as you hoped?  For his barter, Randy King will take a closer look at your blog or podcast.  In his review, the seasoned blogger and podcaster will offer you tips to specifically address areas of your project that could benefit from an update.  He will also introduce you to new ways to promote your podcast or blog and connect better with people who want to hear your stories!