Daniel Hewes Nutrition & Fitness Consulting

Daniel Hewes East Hampton NYC based Nutrition Consultant and Fitness Trainer is offering Nutrition and Fitness Consulting services on the Bartering Exchange Network!

Product Description

15 Minute Nutrition Consultation 

Exclusively to members of the Bartering Exchange Network, Daniel Hewes East Hampton Nutritionist is offering a free 15 minute nutrition consultation.  Hosted via video conference call, this barter will introduce you to basic nutrition concepts.  Working one-on-one with you as he always does in his full-length 30 minute – 1 hour long nutrition consultations, Daniel will ask you the questions necessary to understand what your health and fitness goals are — and how those can be more effectively achieved through attention to your diet and nutrition.  In this Nutrition Consultation experience, Daniel will offer you guidance on caloric in-take and cholesterol, as applicable to your daily diet.  He will also provide you with 1 Green Eating recipe that he has developed himself!  An expert in Green Eating, the Nutritionist specializes in creating meals that are healthy for humans and the environment, by selecting sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. 

10 Minute Workout Plan 

Fitness Trainer Daniel Hewes is offering a 10 Minute Workout Plan as a barter on the Bartering Exchange Network.  For this barter, he will provide you with a workout plan featuring 3 separate exercises that can be combined into a 10 minute or longer form workout.  After discussing what your goals and target areas are, Daniel will not only offer advice on a workout plan, but show you how to do the exercises provided!  In a video conference call, the Fitness Trainer will be available to connect with you and/or a group of like-minded individuals interested in making a healthy change in their lives.  In the call, Daniel will teach you three new exercises that he believes will help you accomplish your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.