Entrepreneurial Consulting by Dean Buescher

Do you have an innovative idea that you want to turn into a business? Experienced entrepreneur and independent consultant, Dean Buescher is bartering free entrepreneurial consulting services exclusively for BEN!

So there you have it: your entrepreneurial dream.  You have an innovative idea dreamt up in your mind.  If anyone asks you, you’d say it might even be a million dollar idea.  But where do you start with your startup?  How do you turn your idea into a strategy?  And once that’s over with… how do you turn a startup into a full-fledged, profitable business?  Independent Consultant and entrepreneurial extraordinaire, Dean Buescher is here on the Bartering Exchange Network to answer all of those questions… and many, many more!

There are many areas to dive into when it comes to entrepreneurship.  Navigating the startup sphere is an on-going process… even for the most successful entrepreneurs, there will always be challenges to face.  Currently, Dean Buescher is offering entrepreneurial consulting service packages that focus on Startup Idea Development and Market Analysis.

Product Description

Startup Idea Development

For this barter, Dean Buescher will help you develop your existing business idea.  This process is instrumental in making your dream a reality.  But, it can be difficult for first-time entrepreneurs.  Working one-on-one with the Independent Consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm with someone who has been there, done that and succeeded.  This is an ideal barter for aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in bouncing ideas around and looking for advice from an expert. 

Market Analysis

Is your idea too innovative?  Is there even a market for the groundbreaking idea you’ve come up with?  For his Market Analysis barter, Dean Buescher will help you determine where your startup belongs — and assess its profit potential.  This will include taking a look at your startup’s individual niche, analyzing that market and more.