Fitness & Dieting Advice by John Bohonyi

Fitness trainer, John Bohonyi, is offering up diet advice to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Currently, Bohonyi is interested in bartering two keto diet intro courses — only on BEN!

Product Description

Introduction to Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is taking the health and fitness world by storm!  Many people are enjoying the fantastic results of the keto diet.  But what exactly is keto?  Can it work for you?  Exclusively here on the Bartering Exchange Network, John Bohonyi is ready to teach you all about the ketogenic diet.  In his ‘Introduction to Keto Diet’ barter, Bohonyi will explain the background at play in this trendy and popular diet routine.  He’ll go into detail to explain the full approach to beginners.  Bohonyi will start with the basics to teach you all about ketosis and the keto cycle.  This barter is ideal for anyone interested in learning about the keto diet.

Application of Keto Diet

Maybe you’ve done your research on the ketogenic diet.  But you’re still not sure how to begin.  In this barter, John Bohonyi will assist you in custom tailoring a starter plan for your own keto diet routine.  As a fitness trainer, Bohonyi gravitates towards comprehensive and holistic approaches.  He understands that diets and fitness training routines aren’t always one size fits all.  However, he believes that with the proper attention to detail, the ketogenic diet can meet the needs of anyone!  This barter will start with a consultation where Bohonyi will evaluate your health and fitness goals.  Then, he’ll offer advice on how you should start the keto diet.  In his assessment, Bohonyi will take into account your specific goals, daily schedule and fitness routine.  Through this process, the fitness trainer will assist you in applying the keto diet to your daily life!  This barter is ideal for anyone interested in giving the ketogenic diet a try. 


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