Freelance Travel Blogging by Devon Alexis

Do you need an article, blog post or travel guide for your tourism project? Freelance travel blogger Devon Alexis is looking to barter her writing and blogging services here on BEN!


Whether you’re putting together a tourism project for your town or city or creating a travel guide, Devon Alexis is happy to collaborate!  Exclusively available to members of the Bartering Exchange network, Devon is offering to write one blog post, article or travel guide piece for your project.  She is currently bartering the following packages:

Product Description

Local or International Travel Guide

Now that the world has returned to some type of ‘normal’ in the post-pandemic era, traveling internationally has become popular again.  Welcoming visitors both old and new, many towns and cities are rethinking their approach to tourism.  One great way to really attract tourists to your local area is and always has been travel guides.  Devon Alexis happens to be an expert at this style of writing in the travel blogging world.  And she’s willing to help you create your own travel guide based around your area!

For this barter, Devon Alexis will write a 500 word brochure or travel guide highlighting some of the best spots to visit in your area.  Working directly with you, Devon will help you to determine if your travel guide should be marketed to an international or more local audience.

Vacation Attraction or Accommodations Brochure 

This barter is best suited for hotels, transportation services and attractions (i.e. beaches, museums, galleries, music and art venues, etc).  Welcome tourists back to your space with a fun and exciting brochure!  For this barter, Devon Alexis will create a brochure that is unique to your location or service.  A collaborative effort, Devon will be sure to infuse your personality and vibe into the piece so that your prospective visitors will get a chance to know what you’re all about!