Gaming Consulting by Allen Chi

Allen Chi works professionally as a consultant for gamers and game developers.  He is interested in bartering his services with other members of the Bartering Exchange Network.  Currently, he is offering the following gaming consulting services:

  • Game-specific Coaching and Tips
  • Product Planning (game idea brainstorming and development)
  • Hobbyist to Pro Workshop

Product Description

Coaching and Tips

Are you looking to learn a new game?  Or perhaps you are hoping to compete in a tournament? Allen Chi can help take your skill level from newbie novice to unstoppable pro with his ‘Coaching and Tips’ package, now available as a barter on the Bartering Exchange Network. Even if Chi has never tackled the particular game you are interested in achieving success in, he will map out the perfect strategy to master the game. His approach is exemplary of his motto that anyone can go from novice to professional in any game! Although he is willing to learn new games, he is already an expert in the following:

  • Chess
  • Trading Card Games (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Tabletop Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons and Legends of the Wulin)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2)

Product Planning

Is it your dream to develop the next big hit to sweep the gaming community off its feet? Maybe it’s time for your game to knock big leaguers like Epic Games’ Fortnite out of the park! Allen Chi has been an active member of the gaming community for decades. He has observed, firsthand, which games worked — and which games didn’t make the cut. Whether you’re looking to create and market a Trading Card Game, tabletop board game or an application or device-based game, Allen Chi can help you brainstorm the process every step of the way!

Hobbyist to Pro Workshop

The popularity of live streaming channels on and gaming channels on YouTube has shown gamers that there is money to be made by playing their favorite games. Allen Chi is offering a light version of his ‘Hobbyist to Pro Workshop’ as a barter on BEN. Whether you’re interested in joining a professional competitive gaming team to participate in global tournaments, or you’re seeking the fame and glory of being a gaming personality, Allen Chi can take you where you want to be! In this barter, he will walk you through the process of starting up your own stream or channel effectively, establishing your own personal gaming studio and gaining an audience.


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