Gerard Saguto A Cappella and Choir Singing Lessons

Music Blogger and Choir Singing Expert Gerard Saguto is offering A Cappella Music and Choir Singing Lessons exclusively for members of the Bartering Exchange Network.

Product Description

A Cappella Music Lesson

In a 15 minute A Cappella Music Lesson, Gerard Saguto will offer you a crash course vocal training session.  For this barter, Saguto music aficionado and classical choral music singer will help you to better understand your own voice.  After listening to you perform example pieces in various notes and keys, the A Cappella Aficionado will introduce you to your own vocal range.  If you are someone who is interested in joining an a cappella group or even recording an a cappella music album, understanding your vocal range is crucial.  Saguto, music expert, will help you to improve your singing overall by teaching you how to tune into your vocal range.  Although this barter will only last 15 minutes, Saguto is happy to extend sessions with musicians and singers who are serious about improving their voice.

Choir Singing Lesson

This barter is ideal for a group of at least three singers.  Gerard Saguto is a highly experienced classical choral music singer.  He has both performed in chorus groups and acted as a maestro for Saguto Music Group.  Gerard is enthusiastic about sharing his expertise and experience with newer choral singers who are looking to join or have recently joined a choir or chorus group.  In a 10 minute session, he will provide singers with constructive feedback, including offering advice on each individual member’s vocal technique and range.