Guest Blogging By Ryder Cambron

Ryder Cambron, Self-Care Blogger and Founder of Choose Happiness — Stay Sonder, is offering to barter guest blog posts. This is a unique opportunity for self-care and wellness bloggers interested in collaborating with a fellow creative:

Product Description

Positive Affirmation Reflection Blog Post

For this barter, Ryder Cambron will provide you with a short blog post reflecting on a positive affirmation.  This message can either be random or uniquely selected to mirror the message you are sharing on your blog.  Cambron will quote a positive affirmation or message of positivity and share her thoughts on how to apply this idea to daily life.  On her own blog, she is dedicated to not only sharing messages that make other people happy, but highlighting how that happiness can be spread.  That means embracing a positive affirmation for its full message and finding ways to introduce the concept in day to day interactions.  As a strong woman of faith herself, the Baylor University student of Emergency Medicine and Health Science is happy to reflect on scripture from the Holy Bible.

Positivity Project Consultation

Choose Happiness — Stay Sonder is Ryder Cambron’s very own effort to not only stay sonder in her own life, but introduce others to the concept as well.  If she can help just one person find a way to spread positivity each day, then her goal has been accomplished.  Do you have a similar goal of spreading a positive message?  If so, Cambron would love to collaborate with you!  Whether you are planning to host an event, launch a blog or simply think of ideas, the Self-Care Blogger is happy to help you bring your idea to life.