Jack Davis Miami Travel Guide Writing

Jack Davis Miami Writer & Blogger is bartering his services as a freelance writer here on the Bartering Exchange Network. Davis is offering two services: Travel Guide Writing and Tourism Blogging. 

Jack Davis Miami is an experienced Writer and Blogger who shares insights, recommendations and travel guides.  Visitors and regulars alike turn to Davis for advice on city happenings and things to do in Miami.  And now with his free bartering services, Davis can do the same for your special town, city or neighborhood!  The Writer and Blogger is currently offering Travel Guide Writing and Tourism Blogging/Freelance Writing services on the Bartering Exchange Network.

Product Description

Travel Guide Writing

For this barter, Jack Davis Miami will develop a short travel guide for any town, city or neighborhood in the world.  Perhaps you run a nonprofit museum or offer public visits at a historical landmark location… Whatever, wherever: Jack Davis Miami will write a Travel Guide for you!  True to his own original style, Davis will do all necessary research to develop a short itinerary of fun things to do in your area.  This barter service is ideal for anyone looking to increase tourism in their area, or someone who simply wants to give a neighbor a cute gift!  What’s special about your neck of the woods?  Tell Jack Davis and he’ll create a Travel Guide for you!

Tourism Freelance Writing/Blogging

For this barter, Jack Davis Miami Writer & Blogger will write one 200 word blog post about your chosen location.  Share what’s special about your area with Jack Davis and he’ll write a blog post all about it!  As an added bonus, this freelance writing/blogging opportunity can be posted on your own website or on Jack Davis’ official website.  Who knows?  His blog post just might attract new visitors to your area, thanks to Davis’ dedicated blog readers!