Keith Sanders Raleigh NC Volunteer Management & Event Organizing

Keith Sanders Raleigh NC community volunteer joins the Bartering Exchange Network to offer members his services as a Volunteer Manager and Community Event Organizer for free!

Keith Sanders is a seasoned volunteer in his own local community.  He has participated in numerous projects over the years and continues to maintain a long term commitment to the Habitat for Humanity as a construction volunteer.  Throughout the years, Keith has become an expert in all aspects of organizing and managing community work projects.  Having taken the helm as a manager of numerous events, he is well versed in everything from planning an event to assembling quality volunteers and program participants.  Now he’s bringing those skills and services to BEN for free to fellow barterers and nonprofit projects!

Product Description

Volunteer Management

For this barter, Keith Sanders will assist in assembling a team of volunteers for your next community work project or event.  Working closely with you and the members of your team, Keith will offer advice on ways to advertise your need for volunteers.  This barter will largely revolve around the process of finding qualified candidates for your organization or event.  On a freelance basis, Keith is also available for more in-depth volunteer management work, including on-site leadership roles within your organization.

Community Work Organizing

Do you have a cause you’d like to support but don’t know where to start?  Keith Sanders can help by offering you his Community Work Organizing skills for free!  For this barter, Keith will assist you in the early stages of the planning process.  This includes deciding on a project that you can host within your community, as well as how to go about launching that effort locally.  The experienced Community Work Organizer will also help you scout out locations where you will be able to host your event and offer advice on the proper way to reach out to local outfits that can help add value to your community work overall.