Music Lessons by Spencer Schneider

In his home recording studio, Spencer Schneider offers the following lessons as barters:

  • Beginner to intermediate guitar instruction
  • Beginner to intermediate percussion instruction
  • Sound recording basics

Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of guitar or drums, Spencer Schneider’s lessons will prove an excellent basis for your musical endeavors.  Additionally, he is available for both lessons and facilitation of sound recording.  He is open to showing newcomers the ropes, as well as assisting artists in the recording processes of their voice acting, instrumentals or singing.

Product Description

Guitar-val-vesa-488380-unsplashSpencer Schneider is available for guitar, percussion, and recording lessons. His lesson plans will meet the needs of inexperienced musicians who are looking to learn the elementary basics of playing guitar or drums.  Additionally, he is available for lessons on how to use recording technology. Spencer Schneider is also available as a collaborator! If you’re looking for a second opinion while you craft a song, album, or other music project, he can help. He specializes in Electronic Production & Design and offers recording services at his personal studio.

To learn more about Spencer Schneider, visit his website, blogs, and other social media across the web:


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