Music Tutor & Singing Lessons by Catherine Sheridan

Strengthen your singing voice with the help of lifelong choir singer and music tutor, Catherine Sheridan!

Are you a singer interested in developing your singing voice?  Do you sing alone but dream of singing in front of others? Catherine Sheridan has joined the Bartering Exchange Network to help you come out of your shell and find your voice!  The lifelong choir singer and music tutor is currently offering the following packages exclusively to BEN members:

Product Description

Children’s Choir

Is your son or daughter constantly singing?  Now’s the time to strengthen his or her voice with the help of Catherine Sheridan Race Rock!  For this barter, Sheridan will teach your child the basics of singing in a choir. Joined by children in her choir tutoring class, the music tutor will help your child find his/her place in the group.  The seasoned Music Tutor will discuss the basics of singing in a choir and determine your child’s vocal range. This children’s choir class will be a one-time activity. But if your child’s interest is sparked from the barter, Sheridan will happily offer you a discount on her children’s choir classes.

Instrument Introduction

Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument?  Maybe you’ve found yourself fascinated by the talent of pianists, guitarists or drummers.  But perhaps you’ve never thought you could pick up an instrument yourself? In this barter, Catherine Sheridan will teach you the basics of an instrument of your choosing!  (That’s right: any instrument you want to learn how to play!). With a little direction and a lot of practice, this music tutor believes that anyone can learn how to play an instrument. This barter will include a 30 minute instrument introduction and instruction that will go over the basics of your chosen instrument.  Sheridan will happily teach you a simple sound that you can then practice and repeat on your own.  She will also provide you with one song that you can continue to learn on your own. Just like her ‘Children’s Choir’ barter, those who enjoy ‘Instrument Introduction’ will also be offered a second music tutoring class at a discounted rate!


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