Nick Stauffer Family Photoshoot and Wedding Photography Services

Freelance photographer Nick Stauffer is passionate about capturing magical moments and turning them into memories. On the Bartering Exchange Network, Stauffer is offering a free photoshoot opportunity to a family or engaged/married couple. 

Product Description

Nick Stauffer Photography

Nick Stauffer Photography is a freelance photographer experienced in event photography, family portraits and wedding photography. Capturing life’s exciting moments is Stauffer’s specialty;  making memories with his photography is his artistic pride and joy!  The freelance photographer has previously captured the celebration and excitement of college commencement ceremonies, engagement announcements and wedding events. 

Family Photoshoot

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… A family portrait can be worth a thousand more!  Give your loved one the ultimate heart-felt gift for the holiday season or their birthday with a family photoshoot by Nick Stauffer Photography.  For this barter, Stauffer will meet with you to coordinate an in-person photoshoot.  You will have the option of an indoor photoshoot at a location of your choice, or at a public park.  A photographer with an eye for detail, Stauffer is fantastic at picking locations that match the mood and theme of a particular photoshoot.  If you have a special theme in mind, feel free to run your ideas by Stauffer at the consultation stage.

Wedding Photography

For this barter, Nick Stauffer Photography will meet with you and your significant other for an engagement announcement photoshoot session.  In celebration of your special day, you will have full creative control over where the session will take place.  Stauffer will be happy to offer up creative inspiration and direction.  This barter includes a photoshoot and three raw images of your choice (additional images and photo editing services are available on a freelance basis).