Norberto Madrigal Entrepreneurial & Leadership Consulting

Experienced entrepreneur and CEO of Lunas Construction Norberto Madrigal is offering Entrepreneurial Consulting and Leadership Consulting Services on the Bartering Exchange Network.

Product Description

Entrepreneurial Consulting

Are you interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur?  Then you won’t want to miss out on this valuable opportunity for Entrepreneurial Consulting with Lunas Construction CEO, Norberto Madrigal!  In a brief 10 minute consultation, Madrigal will offer valuable insight and information to an aspiring entrepreneur.  For this barter, you will have the chance to ask Madrigal a maximum of three questions related to his entrepreneurial journey — or your own!  Do you have an idea for a startup but aren’t sure where to start?  Norberto Madrigal is a seasoned entrepreneur who played a pivotal role in establishing, launching and building Lunas Construction, a waste management company, from the ground up.  He knows a thing or two about rolling his sleeves up to get things done and he’s happy to share that advice with you.  Madrigal is an experienced Personal Development Coach who is fulfilled by the opportunity to inspire and motivate others.  The CEO views it as one of the most valuable ways of giving back!

Leadership Consulting

Have you recently been promoted to a leadership position?  The transition into a leadership role can be difficult — especially for experienced professionals.  Accepting new responsibilities can be a challenge in itself.  Norberto Madrigal, Personal Development Coach, is interested in bartering Leadership Consulting Services to anyone on the Bartering Exchange Network.  For this barter, you will have the opportunity to connect with Madrigal via video conference for a 15 minute consultation.  Madrigal will draw on his own experience as an entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lunas Construction to share valuable insights and advice with new leaders who could benefit from a vote of confidence, motivation and determination from the Personal Development Coach.