Photography by David Deusner

David Deusner is offering to barter his skills as a freelance photographer.

He is open to working with barterers on the Bartering Exchange Network on any project they might be interested in. He specializes in special event photography, but also offers the following types of photo shoots:

  • Family photos
  • Professional portraits/headshots
  • Product shots

Product Description


With the holidays coming up, there’s no better time to work on those holiday postcards and greeting cards! David Deusner has an eye for design; he loves incorporating different backgrounds and fun props in his photo shoots. If you’re an actor or model looking to pursue your dreams on a budget, David Deusner is also available for professional portraits and headshots. He can even snap a presentable image for your LinkedIn or other professional social networks. If you’re looking to market a prototype, or even clear out your garage of old odds and ends, David Deusner is here to help! Sell your items faster with clear, professional images.


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