Photography Workshops by Edward Tomasso

Enraptured by the idea of creating art and getting paid to do so?  Or maybe you’re just looking for a brand new hobby? Freelance Adventure Photographer, Edward Tomasso, wants to help introduce you to the exciting world of photography!

Edward Tomasso is offering Photography Workshops to barterers on the Bartering Exchange Network.  His workshops aim to satisfy the curiosities of varying skill and ability levels. By accepting a barter with Edward Tomasso, you will have the option of taking advantage of one of his informative Photography Workshops — completely free-of-charge!  Available options included below:

Product Description

  • Beginner Photography Workshop

This introductory-level course will introduce members to the elementary basics of photography.  In the Beginner Photography Workshop, Edward Tomasso will teach you fundamental techniques to help you begin your adventure in photography.  The professional photographer will teach you basic concepts such as the rule of thirds, aperture and shutter speed. If you have yet to invest in your own equipment — fear not.  Edward Tomasso will allow you to use his own cameras during this beginner-level photography workshop. He will effectively teach you how to use a point-and-shoot camera and, if time allows, he will introduce you to the world of DSLRs!

  • Intermediate Photography Workshop

If you’ve already dabbled with photography, but could use some more pointers, this Intermediate Photography Workshop is for you.  At this level, Edward Tomasso will craft projects to test your already existing abilities. After each project, the freelance photographer will evaluate and critique your work.  The aim of this workshop is not to teach you the basics of photography, but rather to help expand on your prior understanding of the artform.

  • Expert Photography Workshop  

Do you consider yourself to be an expert photography hobbyist?  If so, this Expert Photography Workshop is tailored specifically for you.  Rather than teaching you techniques of the craft, Edward Tomasso will help you get the ball rolling with your freelance photography career through this workshop.  If you’re interested in turning your passion for photography into a full-time profession, you will thoroughly appreciate the expert advice offered by professional freelance photographer, Edward Tomasso.  Through this workshop, he will instruct you on how to pursue the sale of your own photographs, including information on how to secure valid, paying gigs!

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