Ravi Chermala Virtual Yoga and Online Meditation Classes

Start your day with Yoga Instructor Ravi Chermala! Exclusive to Bartering Exchange Network members, Chermala is offering Online Yoga and Meditation Classes for free.

Ravi Chermala Yoga Classes

Product Description

Virtual Yoga Class For Beginners

This barter is ideal for anyone who is completely new to yoga.  If you’d like to learn more about the practice, as well as basic poses that you can try out at home, then this barter is perfect for you!  Yoga Instructor Ravi Chermala will join you and a class via video call for a virtual yoga class.  In the instruction, Chermala will teach you three basic poses: the Mountain Pose, Warrior I and Warrior II.  Because this class has been developed with newcomers in mind, the Yoga Instructor will be sure to teach the course in a slow and easy to follow manner.  The class will run approximately 30 minutes; however, Chermala will be available for additional classes at a discounted rate for anyone who participates in this barter for a Virtual Yoga Class For Beginners.

Online Meditation Class

Good news: this barter is ideal for both experienced and inexperienced individuals interested in meditation!  In this 30 minute Online Meditation Class, Ravi Chermala will perform a guided meditation that is easy to follow.  The goal of this class is to help participants achieve a sense of peace and calm, if only for a moment.  It is Chermala’s intention that his guided meditation will introduce participants to new methods of stress reduction.  Additionally, the Yoga and Meditation Instructor will also offer a discount to all participants interested in future Meditation Classes with Ravi Yoga.