Running & Training Programs by Mortimer Curran

Tired of traditional fitness training methods? Obstacle course race enthusiast, Mortimer Curran, wants to introduce you to the fun of tackling a 5K in the mud!

Whether you’re looking for a new jogging buddy or a new challenge, this barter will bring your closer to achieving your health and fitness goals! Mortimer Curran isn’t your average fitness fanatic.  So, it’s only natural that he wouldn’t be your average fitness trainer either.  His love of keeping active and healthy doesn’t spawn from a job at a gym or formal physical education training.  Instead, he stumbled upon this lifestyle through obstacle course races and he hasn’t looked back ever since!

Product Description

Mortimer Curran is interested in bartering with runners of all ability and experience levels.  He is offering three training programs exclusively on the Bartering Exchange Network, including:

  • Jogging Buddies

Looking for a light introduction to running?  Then this training program is the one for you!  In this program, Mortimer Curran will act as friend, trainer and competitor.  Whether you’re interested in learning more about obstacle course races or simply looking for an alternative to the same ol’, same ol’, “Jogging Buddies” is a great starting point.  Mortimer Curran will integrate light and simple obstacle-based training methods into your jogs.

  • Exercise Enthusiast

This particular fitness training program is the perfect match for seasoned runners.  Mortimer Curran will teach you how to train your whole body while you prepare for your next 5K.  Even if your target 5K isn’t obstacle-infused, this training program will help you to prepare in a dynamic way.  Get a leg up on the competition by learning how to up your A game to the next level!

Yup, that’s right — this training program entails a full-fledged obstacle course race.  Mortimer Curran will join you as you take on your first ever obstacle-based 5K. This is geared towards individuals who don’t necessarily need help training, but are looking for a friend to join them in the race.  So, if you’ve asked all of your friends, family, neighbors, etc. and you still can’t find someone to run with you in your first-ever obstacle course race: don’t sweat it! Mortimer Curran would love to take on the challenge with you!


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