Self Publishing for Authors by Courage Igene

Self-published and acclaimed author Courage Igene is lending expert advice to aspiring authors.  

He hopes to provide a sense of clarity to first-time writers on the foggy process of self-publication.  Backed by firsthand experiences in the publishing of his own work, Courage Igene is knowledgeable on the ins and outs of crafting a written text. Through barters on the Bartering Exchange Network, he will help aspiring authors through various aspects of the publishing process, including the services listed below:

Product Description


  • Idea Development

For some writers, the most difficult part of the process exists at the earliest stages.  If you have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to translate that into a text, Courage Igene is willing to help!  Whether you are in need of motivation or another set of eyes for the editing process, Igene will help take your idea to the next level.

  • Self-Publishing Methods

Throughout the years, Courage Igene has dabbled with an array of self-publishing methods.  The author has published his works both on his own and through independent publishing companies.  These experiences have helped to shape his understanding of the overall process of publishing a written text.  Through this service, Igene will assist aspiring authors in the process of selecting and reaching out to parties that offer management in terms of independent publishing practices.  He will help barterers of BEN weigh the pros and cons of all available options in order to figure out which method will work best for them.

  • Product Promotion

Chances are, if an author is seeking to self-publish, their overall budget for the project is not excessive.  Through his own experiences, Courage Igene understands the difficulties of promoting a published work without the help of a full public relations team.  Through this particular bartered service, he will advise aspiring authors on the most affordable and cost-effective methods of product promotion.

Courage Igene is willing to offer one of the above services completely free-of-charge via barters on the Bartering Exchange Network.  For his full mentoring package, he encourages aspiring authors to keep up-to-date with his website and social media.  In the coming months, he hopes to craft a complete program that will allow him to directly mentor aspiring authors through every step of the publishing process. To learn more about his process and as well as writing and other mentoring advice, check out Courage Igene on Quora:


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