Shawn Behal Media & Communications Consulting

Public Relations professional Shawn Behal is currently offering Media & Communications Consulting services to creatives interested in launching their first podcast episode.

So, you want to start a podcast…  Shawn Behal, media consumer and podcaster, is here to help you get started!  For a limited time only, Behal is offering Media and Communications Consulting services to creatives interested in starting a podcast.  Whether you need help setting up your gear or drawing up a script for your first podcast episode, Behal will help walk you through the basics.  Exclusively available to Bartering Exchange Network members, the media consumer is providing the following bartered services for beginner podcast hosts:

Product Description

Podcast Audio and Video Recording Set Up

The first step to setting up a podcast is to make sure that your audio is properly recorded.  So, what equipment will you need?  For this barter, the media consumer turned podcaster will walk you through everything you need for equipment to get up and running.  If you are planning to record your first-ever podcast episode, Shawn Behal will introduce you to gear in your price range.  Whether you wish to test the waters or dive all the way into podcast territory, Behal is here to help!  So far, Behal has been fortunate enough to assist other independent podcasters in the development and recordings of their first episodes.  He looks forward to launching his own project with the expertise he’s gained through these experiences.  And now on the Bartering Exchange Network, he can help you, too!

Episode Idea Development

Picking a focus for your show is the first part of the development process.  With your intended focus or theme in mind, Shawn Behal will help you brainstorm an episode idea as part of his Media & Communications for Consulting for Podcasters barter on the Bartering Exchange network.  Together, you will formulate a basic storyboard detailing ideas for an introduction, outro and the story in between.  Additionally, Behal will offer you advice from a Media and Communications Professional’s standpoint, including suggestions on how and where to promote the launch of your new project.