Social Media Marketing by Edward Tomasso

Is your new start-up in its infancy stages?  Are you feeling overwhelmed as you attempt to tackle the promotion of your new company or product?  Maybe you aren’t even sure of where to begin! Experienced Social Media Marketer and Business Manager, Edward Tomasso, is here to help!

Backed by an entrepreneurial mindset, Edward Tomasso thrives under the pressure of a challenge.  Though young in years, the entrepreneur has already enjoyed the benefits of developing a company and product from start-to-finish.  Under the instruction of a business class, he managed a start-up known as Compresso. As elected CEO of this small business, Edward Tomasso oversaw all online marketing endeavors relevant to the company’s main product, a collapsible coffee cup.  Accomplishments of this endeavor included:

  • Earning a 103% return on all initial investments in just 10 weeks
  • Securing and maintaining the highest ranking for the search term “Compresso Cup” on Google

Product Description

Through bartering on the Bartering Exchange Network, Edward Tomasso would like to help you as you enter the early stages of developing a start-up.  The entrepreneur is willing to offer Social Media Marketing advice, completely free-of-charge here on BEN. This service will help tackle your questions regarding:

  • Securing an audience

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of product promotion is understanding who you are selling your product to.  At this stage, Edward Tomasso will help you evaluate the proper target audience of your company or product. Once you understand who your audience is, it will be much easier to tackle the challenge of selling your offered product.

  • Honing your web presence

Spamming irrelevant social media platforms will do very little to benefit your start-up.  Experienced Social Media Manager, Edward Tomasso, will help you to decide where you should focus your web presence.  This instructional service will include an introduction to the basic mechanics of promoting your content. In particular, Edward Tomasso will teach you how to properly use the largest social media networks, including:

→ Facebook

→ Instagram

→ Twitter

→ Pinterest

Tomasso will instruct you on the most effective ways to utilize these online resources.  From establishing a solid online presence to promoting the sales of your product, the entrepreneur will offer you sound advice on necessary approaches.


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