Thomas Witt Transportation Industry Career Consulting

Thomas Witt Transportation Executive Leader and General Manager at JLE Industries is currently offering Transportation Industry Career Consulting services on the Bartering Exchange Network. This experience includes a brief 10 minute business consultation; ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals interested in opportunities in transportation and logistics.

Product Description

Entry Level Transportation Industry Career Consulting 

Interested in making a career change?  Now is the perfect time to launch a career in transportation!  This barter is ideal for a professional interested in launching or continuing a career in the transportation industry.  Thomas Witt Transportation Industry Executive and General Manager at JLE Industries will meet with you via video conference to discuss your career aspirations and goals for a 10 minute business consulting experience.  Ideally, participants will submit a brief career summary, listing recent professional experience relevant to the transportation and logistics industries.  If you do not currently have experience in this professional area, Witt will examine the full breadth of your career experiences to advise you in the direction of entry level roles best suited for your current expertise. 

Executive Transportation Business Consulting

This barter is ideal for an entrepreneur, executive or business leader currently managing a startup or company in the transportation industry.  Seasoned transportation industry executive and business consultant Thomas Witt will offer his insight into your startup or venture.  In a brief 10 minute business consultation, entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders will have the opportunity to ask Witt for professional advice in one area.  The consultation will focus on cost, productivity or risk improvement.  An extended version of this business consulting experience is available to transportation executives and entrepreneurs outside of the Bartering Exchange Network platform.  Witt is an experienced consultant who has been catering his professional advice to the transportation and logistics industry since 2017.