Volunteer Management & Coordination by Dennis Stolpner

Dennis Stolpner is a seasoned volunteer. An expert in the process, Stolpner is happy to barter his skills in volunteer management, coordination and event planning.

Over the years, Dennis Stolpner has volunteered with numerous organizations.  Most prominently, he has worked with the American Red Cross — one of the largest nonprofits in the world!  Along the way, the natural leader has picked up a thing or two on how managing volunteer efforts works.  Often self-managed in his roles, Stolpner has finetuned what works — and what doesn’t — on a nonprofit job site.  And he’s happy to share his volunteer management and coordination skills with barterers here on the Bartering Exchange Network!

Product Description

Volunteer Coordination for Fundraising Events

Finding Volunteers

Not every fundraiser is hosted by a large organized nonprofit.  Dennis Stolpner is happy to assist in calming the chaos that is volunteer coordination!  If your group or small organization is looking to organize a fundraising event, but you don’t know where to start, Stolpner can help!  For this barter, the seasoned volunteer will help you locate volunteers who have the skills you need to successfully pull off your organization’s next big (or small!) event.

Volunteer Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Even for established nonprofits and/or charities, managing volunteers can be difficult!  For this barter, Dennis Stolpner will assist in on-site volunteer management efforts.  This will include not only recruiting volunteers, but also organizing and assigning roles to each individual.  Stolpner will assist in preplanning how each member of the team will allocate resources and time during your event. 

Nonprofit Event Planning

Not sure where to start in planning your nonprofit’s event?  No problem!  Dennis Stolpner is bartering event coordinating and planning services that specifically cater to nonprofit needs.  Together with your team, Stolpner will brainstorm ideas that match your overall vision — and effectively find a way to execute the entire event!