Youth Mentorship by Donte Stewart

Donte Stewart Arrow Passage Recovery Founder and President and Imagine Downtown Massillon Committee Member is proud to offer mentorship services on the Bartering Exchange Network.

Product Description

Youth Mentorship

Donte Stewart is a longtime youth mentor in the Massillon, Ohio community.  He has worked with numerous organizations, including high school football teams in the area.  As someone who believes in the potential of the next generation, Stewart values the importance of making a positive impact on today’s youth.  As a youth mentor, he aims to offer guidance and support to young individuals who need it the most.  A mental health awareness advocate, Stewart embraces the importance of ‘checking in’ on everyone around you.  Too often, younger people are not sure where to turn or who to speak to.  Stewart aspires to be someone that everyone, including young people, can turn to for guidance and support.

For his Youth Mentorship barter, Donte Stewart Arrow Passage Recovery Founder and President will be available as a volunteer with nonprofit initiatives striving to empower local youth.  A seasoned organization leader at Arrow Passage Recovery, Stewart is experienced in developing and implementing mentorship plans and programs.  He is happy to lend that expertise to any youth mentorship program in communities across America.   

Guest Speaking 

Donte Stewart Arrow Passage Recovery Founder and President is available for Guest Speaking Engagements, hosted virtually online.  Stewart is also available for podcast episodes focused on addiction recovery, mental health awareness, mentorships and community leadership.  For this barter, he will tune into your virtual event to discuss how he works to proactively make a positive impact on his community and share his guidance on how to motivate, encourage and inspire the youth.