Dr. Barry Denton Leadership Consulting & Nonprofit Development

Leadership Consultant and Nonprofit Executive, Dr. Barry Denton joins BEN to help small businesses implement new leadership strategies and assist nonprofit organizations in their development.

Product Description

Leadership Consulting

For this barter, Barry Denton will assist your small business in establishing a new leadership workshop program.  Calling on years of experience consulting leaders in companies ranging from small startups to larger fully established ventures, Denton will draw up a plan that works best for you and your team.  In a meeting held via video conference, the seasoned leadership consultant will first deliver his quiz, which assesses the areas where your team requires extra help.  At this time, executives and leaders in the organization will have the opportunity to express areas they are concerned about, or present any questions to Denton.  Then, the leadership consultant will develop a short exercise for your team that will work as a leadership development workshop that you can repeat as often or infrequently as you see fit.  This will involve such strategies as the human icebreaker, active listening challenge and more.

Nonprofit Development  

Are you working to create a charity or nonprofit organization that aims to echo a cause that is important to you and your community?  Dr. Barry Denton is here to help!  For this barter, Denton will assist you in launching your nonprofit by offering an experience-backed consultation.  In a video call via Zoom, he will be able to answer questions you might have about:

  • How to become registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in your state
  • How to find and maintain long term relationships with potential donors
  • How to plan your first event

This barter is ideal for a nonprofit organization that is completely in the early stages of the process.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to have all of your questions answered by someone who has launched and managed numerous successful nonprofit organizations, including Dreams With Wings!