Bishop Tracie Dickey Spiritual Guidance & Motivational Speaking

Bishop Tracie Dickey is the proud founder of Men on the Move (M.O.M.) and Jesus Loves The Children, two programs committed to motivating and encouraging others to embrace a lifelong walk with God.

She joins the Bartering Exchange Network in hopes of spreading her positivity to anyone who needs spiritual guidance, encouragement or motivation.

Product Description

Motivational Speaking Engagement

Are you looking to hold a motivational speaking engagement in a public forum?  Perhaps you are looking for a speaker who is experienced in motivating, encouraging and advising men and children?  If so, Bishop Tracie Dickey is here to help!  A Certified Christian Keynote Speaker and a Professional Motivational Speaker, Bishop Dickey is a capable communicator who draws directly from the Holy Bible to inspire and advise others through the trials and tribulations of daily life.  For this barter, she will partner with you to participate in a public event which features the thoughts and solutions of motivational speakers who have overcome hardships in their lives.  Bishop Dickey will appear at your event, either in-person or remotely via video conferencing, to offer a prepared motivational speech tailored to your specific needs or event theme.  She will speak for a period of 20 minutes and make herself available to answer questions afterwards.

One-On-One Spiritual Guidance Session

Bishop Tracie Dickey likes to think of her approach to spiritual guidance as a conversation;  a conversation between three people: you, a spiritual guide and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In her spiritual guidance sessions, Bishop Dickey draws directly from the Lord’s word in the Holy Bible, while intertwining relatable testimony of life experiences.  In her view, this lends a sense of enriching encouragement to the process, because it shines a hopeful light for the recipient.

Bishop Tracie Dickey is excited to offer a Spiritual Guidance Session as a barter to participating members in the Bartering Exchange Network community.  This barter is offered individually as a one-on-one spiritual guidance session.  The opportunity will be available in-person or via video call; whichever is more convenient for you!  For a period of 30 minutes, you will have the opportunity to share your hardships and what is currently bothering you, with Bishop Dickey — whatever that may mean for you!  Perhaps you have a question about something that is weighing on your mind or maybe you are simply struggling to strengthen your faith and relationship with Christ.  Whatever the case may be, Bishop Dickey will do her absolute best to console and advise you with spiritual guidance directly from the Bible.  She aspires to assist you in strengthening your relationship with the Lord so that you may be able to find solutions to all of the struggles faced in your life.  Christ is key and He is the answer to every question.