Brian Overton Songwriting and Music Production

Do you have an idea for a song, but aren’t sure how to pursue the songwriting process? Or maybe you don’t know where to start with recording your first track? Songwriter and Christian contemporary musician (CCM) Brian Overton can help!

Brian Overton, Christian contemporary musician (CCM) and owner of independent recording studio, Green Room Studio joined the Bartering Exchange Network to offer Songwriting and Music Production Consultation services.  These barters are ideal for anyone interested in embracing the creative process of songwriting, music production and audio recording.  Brian is best known as the lead vocalist and bassist of His Word, a Christian rock band and he has performed with many different CCM artists over the years. But on BEN, Brian is open to collaborating with artists and musicians of all genres, styles and experience levels.

Product Description

Songwriting Consultation

This barter is a great option for someone who has already begun the songwriting process.  Is something holding your new song back from flowing the way it should?  For this barter, Brian Overton will take a closer look at what you’re working with and offer up his own suggestions!  Via video call, the seasoned Christian contemporary musician, songwriter and recording artist will collaborate with you by checking out your song structure and reviewing your lyrics.  From one musician to another, Brian will offer you completely transparent and honest feedback to help you get into the groove before recording your next track.  This barter is not ideal for someone who has yet to write lyrics for a full song.  However, Brian will be happy to offer feedback on any demos or brainstorming you’ve already conducted.

Music Production Consultation

Need help setting up your own in-house recording studio?  Then Brian Overton is your guy!  Founder, owner and operator of his own music studio, the Green Room Studio, Brian is well accustomed to the process of recording, arranging and mastering his own tracks for the His Word band.  For this barter, the CCM will help you figure out what gear you need to build your own music production studio in your own home, as well as provide feedback on software and hardware that you are currently using.