Communications Consulting by Edan Gelt

Edan Gelt wants to help you plan the perfect charitable fundraiser – or take your startup to the next level with advertising that works! The award-winning Communications Strategist is currently offering complementary Communications Consulting services – only on the Bartering Exchange Network!

So, you want to host an event to benefit a nonprofit organization or charitable cause.  Or maybe you’re wondering why new clients and customers don’t have your phone ringing off the hook.  Whatever the case may be, the hurdle in your way just might be getting the word out.  Without telling the world that your event is upcoming or that your products and services are available for purchase — you’ll find yourself trapped in a rut that feels never-ending.

Getting the word out about your event, business or product can often be the trickiest part.  Discovering a way to amplify your message or announcement can make a world of difference.  Tried and true in her approaches, Communications Strategist & Consultant, Edan Gelt, knows all too well how powerful the proper advertising and communications tactics are.

Product Description

For a limited time, Edan Gelt is offering the following Communications Consulting packages as barters on BEN:

Communications Consulting

Charitable Events & Fundraisers

When planning a charitable event or fundraiser, you want to be able to make the biggest impact as possible.  Naturally, you want to contribute to the cause as much as possible.  But this can be a tricky task when you aren’t sure of how to get the word out about the event!

For this barter, Edan Gelt will call on her own professional resources to help you determine the best way to announce your event.  Taking your unique event into consideration, Gelt will guide you towards the best social media sites to advertise on, press release and public relations publications to submit to — and more!  As an added bonus, Gelt will also advise you on local initiatives your cause could benefit from partnering with!

Startups & Small Businesses

Who is your audience?  And where is the best place to reach themFor many startups, answering these two questions can make all the difference in driving profits and securing clientele.

For this barter, Edan Gelt will establish the best route for advertising in your local market.  She’ll also help you to determine which approach you should take in your social media campaigns.  Calling on her decades of experience in the industry, Gelt will carefully consider your current approach to communications and advertising.  By determining what works (and doesn’t) for your startup or small business, the Communications Strategist will be able to guide you to a promotion plan that will pay off!


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