DIY Gardening & Consultations by Lisa Fox Dombrowski

Farm-to-table is freshening up restaurant kitchens all over. Gardener Lisa Fox Dombrowski is fusing DIY into the movement with her garden-to-table techniques. Only on the Bartering Exchange Network, Lisa Fox Dombrowski is offering DIY gardening lessons to anyone interested in giving gardening a go!

Product Description

Do-It-Yourself Patio Gardening

If you’re new to gardening, Lisa Fox Dombrowski recommends this barter for you!  The gardener’s DIY Patio Gardening lessons are also ideal if you live in an apartment or shared space.  If you’re interested in building a garden but don’t know where to start, Lisa Fox Dombrowski is happy to help!

For this barter, Lisa Fox Dombrowski will recommend the best patio gardening set up for your home.  Starting with the basics, the gardener will walk you through building your own patio garden.  She will take into consideration general concepts, such as available natural lighting. Fox will also consider your location and environment.  With all of these areas considered, she will then advise you on which plants will be most likely to thrive in your set up!

Garden Consultations

Permaculture For Beginners

This barter is ideal for gardeners at the intermediate to advanced levels.  If you’re looking to experiment with the innovative approach of permaculture, now’s the time to give it a try!  For this barter, Lisa Fox Dombrowski will teach you how to implement regenerative agriculture in your patio garden.

Regenerative agriculture is a unique farming and gardening approach that focuses on conservation and rehabilitation.  Leaning towards the holistic, permaculture farms aim to recycle waste efficiently through the management of composted material.  Lisa Fox Dombrowski has tailored farm-centric permaculture practices to fit into her garden. Now, she’s prepared to pass her approaches on to you!

Ideally, barterers interested in this Garden Consultation will already have a garden of his/her own. Rather than starting from the ground (or soil!) up, Lisa Fox Dombrowski will assist you in redeveloping your garden to meet permaculture expectations.  At the basic level, Fox Dombrowski will provide you with experience-backed lessons regarding permaculture and regenerative agriculture. Then, she will analyze and assess your already existing garden or small farm in order to evaluate what changes will be necessary to implement permaculture approaches.

Alternatively, Lisa Fox Dombrowski is available for consultations regarding early stage permaculture projects.  If you are looking for advice on how to make your garden sustainably thrive, this barter is ideal for you!


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