DIY Instructions by David Deusner

David Deusner wants to help YOU on your next at-home project!  Whether you’re in need of minor repairs or looking to complete an entire project from start to finish, David Deusner is the DIYer for the task!

He is offering the following DIY instructions as barters:

  • wooden furniture design and carpentry work
  • minor auto mechanic repairs
  • craft workshops

David Deusner’s current workshops are centered around:

  • postcard + greeting card creation
  • candle + soap making
  • scrapbooking + photography collage design

Product Description

DIYer2_cetteup-76960-unsplashWhether you need help repairing something around the house, or you’re interested in crafting something creative and innovative, do-it-yourselfer David Deusner is here to help! He specializes in minor auto mechanic work and carpentry, but is always willing to tackle new and challenging projects. Alternatively, he also offers DIY instructions. If you’re looking to craft a unique gift for your friends and family, David Deusner will gladly help you along the way. Artistically-inclined, he thoroughly enjoys designing homemade furniture. To get a taste of what he creates, visit David Deusner’s website and social pages to learn more about his craft ideas.


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