Fundraising and Nonprofit Event Planning by Juhi Deolankar

Dr. Juhi Deolankar is offering to barter Fundraising and Event Planning services to nonprofit organizations and efforts here on the Bartering Exchange Network!

Juhi Deolankar is a medical professional passionate about global health.  Both through her career in medicine and her volunteer efforts, Dr. Deolankar actively seeks out opportunities to better the health of individuals in her community.  Over the years, she has volunteered her skills and knowledge of the medical field to benefit nonprofit efforts, including efforts such as:

  • Public Understanding of Medicine in Action
  • Mini-Medical School Peru
  • Morganville First Aid Squad EMT

Juhi Deolankar’s volunteer work has not always been limited to medical causes.  And although it may be at the core of her volunteering, the urologist is very open to volunteering with nonprofits that support other causes.  She has joined the Bartering Exchange Network in hopes of connecting with nonprofit projects that tackle a wide range of unmet and underserved needs in communities across the country.

Juhi Deolankar is currently interested in bartering Fundraising and Event Planning services, exclusively to nonprofits and charities on the Bartering Exchange Network.

Product Description

Fundraiser Organizing

Organizing a fundraising event is no small task.  If you’ve never had to take this challenge before, you may not even know where to start.  Fortunately, Juhi Deolankar has taken a hands-on approach with numerous fundraising events.  And for a limited time, she will even help a nonprofit organization iron out the details and organize a productive fundraising event!

For this barter, Juhi Deolankar will assist a nonprofit or charity in the full organizing process, which includes:

  • Establishing a Theme
  • Planning a Date for the Event
  • Creating a Marketing and Promotion Plan
  • Recruiting Volunteers for the Cause