Home Improvement & LLC Consulting by Hariah Hutkowski

Small business owner and Sun Prairie community leader, Hariah Hutkowski is an expert in small and large scale home improvement projects. He’s also well-versed in the process of launching startups with a local feel.

For a decade, Hariah Hutkowski represented the people of Sun Prairie as an Alderman.  This experience introduced him to the importance of community. As a small business owner, Hutkowski brings a sense of community to his home improvement outfit, HHH Logistics, LLC.  In his experience, he believes that there’s value in maintaining a small town feel with your small business. Hutkowski is happy to extend that small town feel to barterers on BEN — even if you’re not local to the Sun Prairie area!

Hariah Hutkowski is interested in bartering the following home improvement and consulting services — exclusively on the Bartering Exchange Network:

Product Description

Home Improvement Tips

Not located near the Sun Prairie area?  No problem! Hariah Hutkowski is happy to offer BEN barterers home improvement tips and advice remotely.  If you aren’t sure of where to start with your home improvement project, Hutkowski is happy to help!  

Hariah Hutkowski is an all-around expert on home improvement.  Whether you’re looking to install siding on your home or renovate your bathroom — Hutkowski has you covered!  Drawing on years of experience with his company, HHH Logistics, LLC, he’ll walk you through the basics of your project.  Not sure where to start? That’s no problem at all! Hutkowski is happy to help you start from scratch, beginning with a project plan.

For this barter, Hariah Hutkowski will help you to evaluate the best way to plan out your project.  This will include setting a budget and sourcing materials. The fundamental steps of your project will quickly prove to be the most valuable part of the process.  By working with Hutkowski, you’ll have the opportunity to ask for advice on the basics of your project. He’ll be available to advise you on what materials will be needed and how you should go about planning your project. 

Limited Liability Company Application Consulting

Additionally, Hariah Hutkowski is willing to barter consulting services.  Specifically, Hutkowski will help walk you through the process of applying for and obtaining a Limited Liability Company (LLC) designation.  First and foremost, he will evaluate your startup based on your business model and current operation status. This will include determining whether or not applying for an LLC is applicable to your startup.  For this barter, Hutkowski will be available to offer you any and all advice pertaining to your LLC application.


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