IT Support by Brian Lederer

Brian Lederer is an Information Technology (IT) Professional with a wealth of experience in working with computers. He joins the Bartering Exchange Network to offer free Operating Software Updates and Basic Troubleshooting.

Product Description

Operating Software Updates

If you are new to computers or just inexperienced, you may not know much about your computer’s current operating software.  Perhaps your computer has even notified you with a warning regarding this update.  But you’re not sure how to update your software or if you even need to.  For this barter, Information Technology (IT) Expert Brian Lederer will help walk you through the process of updating your software.  He is well-versed in working with all types of Operating Software, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS and more.  Lederer will communicate with you via video call, where he will walk you through the basics of the process.  The expert will start by asking you what programs you utilize on your computer, as well as what model you are currently using.  This will make all the difference when it comes to whether or not you should update to macOS 13 Ventura or Windows 11.  Because both of these operating softwares were recently released at the tailend of 2022, there are still many programs and applications which are incompatible.  Coincidentally, this barter can also be utilized if you have mistakenly updated your software, but wish to downgrade back to an older version.

Basic Troubleshooting 

Is something not working properly with your computer?  Maybe your computer isn’t turning on or it is, but it seems to be running particularly slow.  That’s okay: Brian Lederer IT Professional can help! For this barter, Lederer will assist you in troubleshooting your computer by running a basic diagnostics test.  This will help you to uncover what exactly could be wrong with your computer or other electronic device.  Lederer will not repair or resolve your current computer problems.  However, this barter is a great way to establish what exactly is wrong with your device.  Don’t waste time and money at the local computer repair shop when you aren’t sure what the trouble is in the first place!  Lederer will assist you in uncovering whether or not there is anything that needs to or should be replaced, or if you are better or pursuing an upgrade overall.