Kerry Ann Coman Student Tutoring

Kerry Ann Coman is a Student Tutor who believes that Psychology and Behavior greatly impact a student’s ability to learn. Here on the Bartering Exchange Network, Coman is offering Tutoring Services that take this unique perspective into account.

Product Description

One-on-One Student Tutoring

Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by your school work?  Are you struggling to study for an important test, because outside factors are influencing your ability to focus?  Kerry Ann Coman understands just how much your everyday life can impact your ability to learn.  Sometimes, there is just too much going on outside of school for a student to focus in class.  Many teachers fail to understand this; but it’s not their fault.  Unfortunately, Educators are not properly equipped to understand just how much mental health can impact someone’s learning experience.  Kerry Ann Coman is a Student Teacher who understands that mental wellness is important — especially when it comes to learning.

For this One-on-One Student Tutoring Session, Kerry Ann Coman will work directly with you on a specific assignment or writing prompt.  She is also available to assist with test studying.  This barter is ideal for someone who may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about their school work.  Coman’s approach aims to help her students refocus by taking time to pause, relax and reflect before getting into the learning zone.

Group Tutoring

This barter is ideal for groups of three or more students who are either working on a project together, or preparing for the same test.  Kerry Ann Coman is renowned for her SAT Prep Courses, which she offers every single year during SAT season.  For this barter, Coman will make herself available to you and a group of two or more students for instruction on an upcoming assignment or test that you need extra help with.  Coman specializes in SAT Prep, as well as Literature and Mathematics Tutoring.