Lessons in Armenian Culture by Paul Malool

Are you interested in learning more about Armenian culture? Or just want to try something new? Paul Malool is currently offering two barters to teach you a little bit about the country of stones!

Whether you’re looking to connect with your ancestral heritage, or just learn about someone else’s — these gourmet cooking and classical music barters might be for you!  Here on the Bartering Exchange Network, Paul Malool is offering these lessons in Armenian culture as barters:

Product Description

Armenian Cuisine & Gourmet Cooking

How to Make Dolma

Dolmas, also known as stuffed grape leaves, are traditionally enjoyed as an Armenian appetizer, or hors d’oeuvre.  But you can enjoy these delicious treats as a healthy snack, too!  If you’re looking to tiptoe into the world of Armenian cuisine, this mediterranean dish is a great introduction.

For this barter, Paul Malool will join you in the kitchen (via pre-recorded video!) to teach you how to prepare dolma all on your own.  Sticking to tradition, Malool will introduce you to the very recipe his family has enjoyed for generations.  Once you give dolma a try, a charcuterie board without them will look incomplete. Bring the unique flavors of Armenia with you to your next family event or social gathering (or enjoy these delectable treats all on your own)!

Armenian Music Playlist

Need some new tunes in your life?  Give a listen to some Armenian music!  For this barter, Paul Malool will dig into his own personal collection of Armenian opera, folk, contemporary and classic tunes to create a unique playlist for you.  Going off of a theme that you suggest, Malool will construct a 30 minute playlist of Armenian songs — just for you!  This is a great idea for anyone who wants to tap into sounds they’ve never heard before.  It’s also a fantastic way for Armenian-Americans to hear their heritage in a whole new way!


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