Management Consulting for Entrepreneurs by Joseph Uglietto

Joseph Uglietto is a Senior Analyst for a management consulting company. The role has honed his intimate understanding of business management. As a Senior Analyst, he works directly with corporate and public sector clients in a transactional advisory and strategic growth role. His work offers business leaders clarity by advising clients on how to improve efficiency, expand into tangential markets, and acquire competitors.


Product Description

The Senior Analyst joins BEN in hopes of helping fresh-faced entrepreneurs solidify the foundation of their startups. If you’ve launched a startup, but have yet to harvest the fruit of your labor, there very well could be a reason why. Joseph Uglietto can help you decipher what is holding you back so that you can pinpoint the problem and demolish it. He is willing to barter the following business management consulting services:

  • Internal Review

This barter is best suited for entrepreneurs whose business air is clouded. Perhaps you aren’t raking in profits, but you can’t quite figure out why. You know that there’s a problem, but you just aren’t positive of what it is. For this barter, Joseph Uglietto will perform a light study and analysis of your startup. This will help pinpoint any internal business problems that may be leading to
your lack of success. At this stage, Joseph Uglietto will discuss his reported findings with you. If you so choose, you may then sign up with the Senior Analyst for efficiency advice. This could be a step towards the success of your startup, so take advantage of this free opportunity!

  • Diagnosis & Repair

This barter is designated for a newcomer in the business world who knows their startup has a problem. Knowing what the issue is equates to half of the problem! But what can you do with that information when you aren’t sure on how to move forward? That’s where Joseph Uglietto comes in. For this barter, the Senior Analyst will offer you his expert lens for clarity on your business issues. He will help you better understand what is causing the problem so that any issues can be resolved at the root of their cause. He will offer recommendations for your next steps moving forward. By partnering with him beyond the Bartering Exchange Network, Joseph Uglietto will prove to be an integral part of your team by working to remove any diagnosed
difficulties within your startup.


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