Motivational Speaking & Consulting for Entrepreneurs by Jeff Ber

Throughout his decades as an entrepreneur, Jeff Ber has launched start-ups in a variety of industries.

Maintaining businesses before the internet became a staple of today’s society, Ber is well-versed in a variety of business management approaches. He brings his expertise to the table as a Consultant and now, he’s happy to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneur hopefuls here on the Bartering Exchange Network — for free!

Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, Jeff Ber is offering barterers on the Bartering Exchange Network the following consulting packages:

  • Consulting for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Consulting for Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Product Description

Consulting for Young Entrepreneurs

Are you a young professional interested in entrepreneurship?  Chances are that if you are, you’re also confused on where to start.  Experienced entrepreneur, Jeff Ber is here to help!

For this barter, Jeff Ber will help you evaluate where you belong in the world of entrepreneurship.  While many believe that being an entrepreneur is all about transforming ideas into sustainable start-ups, Ber understands that there is much more to the game.  In this consulting barter, the experienced entrepreneur will offer young entrepreneurs expert advice. Backed by his own experiences, Ber’s advice is tried and true because it has withstood the test of time — and trials.  

Jeff Ber’s Consulting for Young Entrepreneurs barter will tap into curiosities and concerns that young professionals face when embracing entrepreneurship. Digging deep into common misconceptions, Ber will help shed light on what works — and what does not.

Consulting for Seasoned Entrepreneurs

It’s no surprise that the game of entrepreneurship is constantly evolving.  Experienced entrepreneur, Jeff Ber knows this all too well. In his Consulting for Seasoned Entrepreneurs barter, Ber will offer his fellow entrepreneurial veterans insight on how to keep pace with the latest approaches in entrepreneurship and business management.

What worked yesterday may not work today. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from yesterday when crafting tomorrow’s game plan.  

For this barter, Ber will introduce seasoned entrepreneurs to new and improved techniques.  By analyzing current trends in the game, the professional has become well acquainted with what works in today’s entrepreneurial arena.  This barter is ideal for older entrepreneurs who are looking for brand new ways to stay on top. Consultant, Jeff Ber views this barter as a ‘refresher course’ for seasoned and experienced professionals.


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