Nicole Brar Virtual Reality Fitness Training

For a limited time, Fitness Instructor and Nutritionist Nicole Brar is offering a free 15 minute VR Fitness Training Session to anyone on the Bartering Exchange Network!

Product Description

Virtual Reality Weight Training

For this barter, Nicole Brar will join you in Virtual Reality (VR) for a 15 minute weight training session.  You will need to participate with your own weight training equipment.  Because this is an introductory training course, the weight of your equipment will not matter.  Consider this as a warm up before you jump right into one of Nicole’s more advanced training classes!  During this session, the Fitness Instructor will introduce you to the basics of her VR Weight Training Program.  She will also provide you with solid feedback, if you have any questions regarding what kind of training equipment you will need in your home.  From your home to yours, Nicole offers VR home workouts that help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  This session is a great way to dip your toes in the water before committing to one of her more rigorous workouts.

Healthy Recipe Cooking Class

The Healthy Recipe Cooking Class barter by Nicole Brar is available in both Virtual Reality (VR) and live stream.  This is ideal for anyone who may not be familiar with virtual reality, or if you do not have a VR system of your own at home.  All of Nicole’s classes are available in both VR and on live stream, in order to make her home workouts and cooking classes more accessible.  For this barter, the Nutrition Consultant will host a 15 minute cooking class, featuring one of her favorite healthy recipes.  In addition to her cooking classes, Nicole also offers weekly meal prep.