Photography & Mixed Media Art Lessons by Andrew Haag

Creative mastermind behind Andrew Haag Photography & Design is interested in welcoming you to his introductory lessons on First Person Photography and Mixed Media Scrapbooking.

Andrew Haag, a photographer and multimedia artist, believes that anyone can be an artist.  The process of creating something can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but you don’t have to be the next Salvador Dali to create something special!  That’s why Haag is passionate about showing others how they can express themselves and document their memories with photography and mixed media scrapbooking.

Product Description

Introduction to First Person Photography

What is first person photography?

First person photography, also known as Point of View (POV) photography, is a style of photography that emphasizes the photographer’s perspective in each shot.  This genre of photography is Andrew Haag’s favorite because it inserts the viewer into an experience.  Rather than just setting a scene, POV photos place you, the viewer, right into the action.

Unfortunately, taking the perfect perspective-driven photography shots are not as simple as just taking a picture of what’s in front of you.  But that’s where Andrew Haag comes in!  

Seasoned in this style, Andrew Haag knows a thing or two about how to take an effective first person photo.  For his Introduction to First Person Photography, Haag will assist you in framing a shot that effectively incorporates a point of view perspective.  This intro barter will teach you how to take one POV photo so that you can go out and replicate the process in your own art.

Introduction to Mixed Media Scrapbooking

In many of his photos, Andrew Haag uses an approach he likes to call mixed media scrapbooking.  In his experience, this is a great way to document your travels, life milestones and other special moments.  Capture your memories in vivid detail by learning how to blend trinkets and small items you’ve picked up during your trip or special occasion with photos of the experience.

For this barter, Andrew Haag will help you to create two scrapbook pages that combine mixed media and your own personal photos.  This barter is ideal for anyone, regardless of artistic ability or experience.  As always, Haag believes that anyone can create… as long as you have the passion to express an idea!