Project Management by Ryan McCuskey

Project Management and Information Technology expert, Ryan McCuskey is interested in helping you develop your ideas into functioning projects! 

Whether you have an idea that needs a plan or you need help with getting the wheels turning on your plan, this expert is here to help.

Exclusively here on the Bartering Exchange Network, Ryan McCuskey is offering the following packages as barters listed below:

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Product Description

Idea Development

Maybe you have an idea for a project that you wish to complete, but it isn’t fully developed.  Ryan McCuskey will assist you as you expand on your idea! Together, the two of you will develop on your ideas in a sustainable manner.  Equipped with his own professional expertise as a Project Management Principal, McCuskey will help you work through the groundwork phase of your idea so that you can further develop it into a real world project!

Goal Checklist

If your idea is already developed and you’re on your way to the next step, this barter package is ideal for you.  At this stage, Ryan McCuskey will help you establish your goals for your project. While completing the project overall may seem like your one and only goal, McCuskey knows, firsthand, that there is more than meets the eye in this process.  By developing a goal checklist together, you will be able to expand on your project’s plan so that your process will be completed as efficiently as possible. 

Timeline Construction

Developing a timeline is crucial in the process of project management, regardless of what your project may be.  Establishing deadlines helps to keep your project on task and eliminates the possibility of becoming sidetracked or losing sight of your ultimate goals.  For this barter, McCuskey will assist you in the process of developing a schedule so that your project will be completed on time! He will also take into account your concerns relevant to your budget.


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